Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Times They Are a Changin!!

Well here we are in January of a new year. 2009 is history. Hope yours was a good one. As we crank up the new year we hope that all of our friends see a year filled with growth and success.

My how things change. This year we will attempt to keep everyone abreast of the neat technology that we anticipate seeing in 2010.

During the holiday my wife recorded and shared a Martha Stewart show. The show was about electronics. Martha began the show by showing shelves of old time electronics and some things not so electronic. These old TV's, radios and even a typewriter weighed in at 122 lbs. All of the capability that was showcased in that 122 lbs. of stuff has been replaced by one device that can do all of the things that they could do, and of course, better and faster. This device amazingly weighs only 4.1 oz. Most of you have already guessed what this latest and greatest device is and I will reveal it at the end of this blog.

I read an article that talks about Hollywood being high def and the article went so far as to list the top 50 Blu-Ray movies through November 2009. FYI, #1 is The Dark Knight, #2 is Iron Man and #3 is Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. We honestly thought that Blu-Ray would have a relatively short life in the electronic jungle, but it seems to be hanging on.

First it was simply TV, then the occasional movie available through your local network channels, then cable & satellite, now movies via the internet, standard DVD's, Blu-RayDVD's and now combo DVD's with both a standard DVD disk and a blu-ray disk. Last, but not least, get ready for 3D.

Good news is that Blu-Players are getting more affordable, but the bad news is that blu-ray disks are still a bit pricey.

Big sellers in the big box stores over the holidays were LED TV's, mainly Samsung, and Blu-Ray DVD players, mainly Samsung. LG held up well also in both departments. Make certain that any TV you purchase has a data port for movie downloads from the internet and the DVD player you select should be network capable as well.

In closing for now, if you selected Blackberry as the 4.1 oz piece of technology that does the work of 122 lbs of stuff, you were correct.

Let us know if you have questions.