Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Home Automation Points to Ponder

The Tiger Tales continue with questions for all of us to ponder. Is the use of one remote control vs. three, four or five better/easier? Duh! Would it be nice to control select lighting using the same remote? Could your security system be tied into this magical remote? Would it be helpful to know that your kids got home safe and sound from school by having a message sent to your cell phone? Is saving money by turning out lights in an unused room, turning off electronics when not in use important to you? Would you like to know that your security system is on without having to go back home to check, or being able to automatically put your garage door down at night and turn out all of the lights within you home when you set your security system to the on position? Is it important to have your outside lights turn on at dusk and off at dawn? If you travel, would going on line and managing all of your automation via your laptop from anywhere in the world, be helpful?

Although it's not magic, all things are possible in the electronic jungle.

Do you already have all or a portion of your home automated? We invite you to share your questions and experiences with the Tiger and other fellow bloggers.

An often asked question is how expensive is all of this neat capability? A question we might ask in return is how important are some of the things that we mentioned to you? Or better yet, what is most important to you. Keep in mind that you can be selective as to using some or all of the capabilities that we posed as questions. Home automation systems need to be flexible and expandable. They have to be easy to use. Complexity on the user end means frustration and eventually the investment, large or small, will be viewed as a bad expenditure of that hard earned dollar.

In summary, and we could talk possibilities forever, if you are interested in controlling all of your home entertainment related electronics, controlling your security, managing your heating and cooling to the point of saving some cash, turning lights on and off automatically, then home automation may be something you would want to consider.

PS, I like the part where I can get up in the morning have a lighted pathway to my coffee machine, which has already brewed some of the life saving java that I enjoy so much.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hello from the Jungle

Welcome to the Tiger Systems, Inc. or the Tiger Tales blog as it will be called. Our objective is to keep you informed regarding some new technology, share some opinions, and provide a platform for you to share your opinions. We also encourage you to share this blog with friends. An information exchange of this type helps us to more clearly focus on our customers and friends areas of interest and ultimately there electronically related needs and desires.

Yes it is a jungle out there and Tiger is a part of that electronic jungle. We know it, we understand it and we will let you in on some of the newest and neatest critters, some of the pitfalls we have discovered, and what works and doesn't work out there in the jungle.

Where to start? Two biggees that we will be talking about are home automation and power grid technology, or as some would say, saving valuable time and some hard earned money. Both technologies are part and parcel to the jungle, but both are friendly creatures. MORE TO COME.