Monday, December 7, 2009

Tiger Tales Holiday Edition

It is the holiday season and as is with all of you, the season is a busy one for us here at Tiger. For those of you who have not completed your holiday shopping, myself included, allow me to shoot some thoughts your way.

Make certain that you choose a reputable source for supplying your electronic needs. Pick a brand that has collected some positive comments. Check with your friends to see where they made their purchase and what brands were a hit in their house. Price is always important, but a great price combined with a bum product is a bust of a deal. The big box stores and others are working hard to get your business and they will all deal to some degree. Don't be afraid to ask!!

If you are installing your purchase yourself make certain that you ask your supplier a lot of questions regarding the pieces parts you will need to make things happen. Don't be afraid to shop for the accessories, or work a deal to have them included with your purchase. Example: If you purchase a TV and are not certain if you want to connect using component cable or HDMI, ask for the pros and cons of each kind of connection.

If you are wondering who to call to assist with the install see the Tigers previous blog. Know what you want as an end result and insist on getting it. A quality installation group will be a bit busy this time of year so be patient and if you want the job done correctly be willing to wait, it's worth it.

If you have questions after reading this blog, look at the upper left of this blog posting and find, "Follow with a Google Friend Connect" and click on it. When the pop up comes up on your screen, go to the bottom of the pop up and click on create a new Google account. It will ask for your email address and ask you to create a password. Once you create a Google account you will then be able to make comments. PUT YOUR COMMENTS IN THE FORM OF QUESTION AND LET US HELP TO EASE THE PAIN ASSOCIATED WITH YOUR HOLIDAY SHOPPING.

Happy Shopping and Happy Holidays from all of us here at Tiger Systems!!!!!